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Digital Download: Assessing Your Organization
by Land Trust Alliance
Year published:2019
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:72
Format:PDF Download
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Now available as a fillable PDF

Updated for the 2017 edition of Land Trust Standards and Practices

Do you want to take your land trust to the next level of excellence? Ensure your projects and your land trust are prepared for the future? Implementing Land Trust Standards and Practices (the Standards), the ethical and technical guidelines for the responsible operation of a land trust, is the best way to ensure that your conservation projects - and the larger land conservation movement - will stand the test of time. But how do you know where to start? You start, with an assessment of your organization.

Assessing Your Organization is a series of assessment tools designed to complement the 2017 Standards. While there are many different types of assessments, we designed the AYO for land trusts and other groups that wish to evaluate their progress toward implementing the Standards.

Completing the AYO provides a land trust with a snapshot in time of which practices are currently being implemented and what needs improvement or who needs additional education.

For more information and/or assistance in using Assessing Your Organization, please contact the Land Trust Alliance program in your region or email us at

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