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Digital Download: Land Trust Boards:Preparing for Perpetuity
by Smiley, Marc
Year published:2007
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:204
Format:PDF Download
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Land Trust Boards: Preparing for Perpetuity
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A good board is the cornerstone of a successful land trust. How does your board measure up? This course covers the legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibilities of the board, the roles and responsibilities of individual board members, the link between a strong board and land conservation success. You will receive practical advice on how to build a strong and functional board and how to create bylaws that foster good governance. Course materials include a board matrix template as well as other templates so that you can create your own board member evaluation form and board job descriptions.

Chapter One addresses the characteristics and elements of a land trust’s board of directors, including the roles that boards play within an organization, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the people who serve on boards. Several key principles about what boards should and shouldn’t do are outlined within this chapter, including suggestions and tools that land trusts can use to understand better the functions and functioning of nonprofit boards.

Chapter Two builds on the fundamental understanding of boards by describing what land trusts can do to strengthen and improve their boards of directors. Key issues about committees, board engagement and meeting effectiveness provide important tools and ideas for making the board successful. Board development information focuses on how to recruit and support the board your land trust needs.

Chapter Three focuses on leadership, the single most important ingredient for an effective land trust. Specific leadership roles and the keys to effective leadership are discussed.

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