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Digital Download: Acquiring Land and Conservation Easements
by MaryKay O'Donnell and Monica Henderson
Year published:2009
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:357
Format:PDF Download
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Acquiring Land and Conservation Easements
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If land protection is the cornerstone of conservation, learn how to make the acquisition process a solid foundation on which to build your organization’s work. Get an overview of laws on title to property, steps to take in acquiring land, and how to work with attorneys to ensure sound transactions and take care of title matters to make sure that your conservation efforts stand the test of time.

Chapter 1 provides an overview of the acquisition process and the due diligence steps a land trust must complete for an easement or fee transaction. Chapter 2 discusses how to obtain good legal and other technical advice critical for completing sound transactions. Chapter 3 covers title investigation, so that land trusts can establish who owns what and under what conditions. Chapter 4 details how land and easements are valued and how land trusts can engage in principled negotiations. Finally, chapter 5 reviews the recordkeeping associated with land transactions.

Standards & Practices, Land Transactions, Conservation Easements