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Digital Download: Caring for Land Trust Properties
by Hugh Brown and Andrew Pitz
Year published:2008
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:346
Format:PDF Download
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Caring for Land Trust Properties
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How can you be a good guest and care for the land you have been entrusted with? In "Caring for Land Trust Properties" you will learn to manage different types of land management plans and how to select the right one for your land trust, and create policies for developing management plans and monitoring properties in your care.

In chapter 1, you will learn how to screen potential property acquisitions to ensure that they meet your land trust’s mission and that the land is within your organization’s capacity to manage. In chapter 2, you will learn appropriate stewardship practices for protecting the conservation values of your properties. Chapter 3 prepares learners to conduct appropriate land management activities through improved recordkeeping, budgeting and related activities. Chapter 4 covers monitoring of fee lands and discusses adaptive management strategies and how to minimize risk associated with hazards and unauthorized use.

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