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Digital Download: Conservation Easement Drafting
by Jane Ellen Hamilton
Year published:2008
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:324
Format:PDF Download
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Conservation Easement Drafting
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This course contains an overview of how to plan conservation easement projects, draft the easement to fit the plan, and prepare baseline documentation materials to support the monitoring and enforcement of the easement.

This course covers Practices 8G, Project Planning, 9E, Easement Drafting and 11B, Baseline Documentation Report, and forms the foundation for negotiating and drafting enforceable conservation easements and their supporting baseline documentation. All three practices discussed in this course, when combined, create a seamless process ensuring that a land trust:

  1. Gathers and considers all information relevant to a particular conservation project
  2. Uses this information to draft a conservation easement that is unambiguous and enforceable, and will serve to protect the identified conservation values
  3. Creates a baseline documentation report that amplifies and supports the conservation purposes and public benefit of the conservation easement

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