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Digital Download: Conservation Easement Stewardship
by Renee J. Bouplon and Brenda Lind, Contributing Author
Year published:2008
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:350
Format:PDF Download
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Conservation Easement Stewardship
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Are you prepared to care for your easement until the end of time? This course contains an overview of how to monitor your easements and how to build long-term relationships with landowners (the key to long-term success with easements). Learn the different methods for monitoring easements; how to select and implement the method that works best for your land trust; and use a baseline documentation report to protect the land.

This course covers the essentials of an effective stewardship program. Chapter 1 discusses how to create an appropriate stewardship approach that will help your land trust meet its mission. Chapter 2 offers strategies for building strong landowner relationships. Chapter 3 covers using and updating baseline documentation reports, and chapter 4 discusses how to monitor easements and includes a template for creating a monitoring policy unique to your land trust.

This course is appropriate for land trust staff, board members and volunteers who participate in the administration and stewardship of conservation easement properties, including handling landowner requests and monitoring easement properties. Although the book is written with land trusts in mind, it is also useful for public agencies that hold conservation easements and are responsible for their long-term stewardship.

Note: Creating the baseline documentation report is part of Conservation Easement Drafting and Documentation. Easement amendments and enforcement are covered in Managing Conservation Easements in Perpetuity.

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