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Digital Download: Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
by Liegal, Konrad, Esq.
Year published:2006
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:177
Format:PDF Download
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Can you name all of the disqualified persons in your organization? Do you know what to do if a major donor asks to amend her conservation easement? How will your land trust fare if its operations come under close media or IRS scrutiny? If the answers to these questions keep you awake at night, then this book is for you. In this course, you will learn how to avoid or manage conflicts of interest and transactions with insiders as well as the ethical obligations of land trusts.

Given the complexity of many real-estate deals, most of us will occasionally find ourselves in an ethical gray area. For example, conservation buyer deals or conservation subdivisions may be effective tools to protect land, but these tools require keen judgment to prevent their abuse. How many of us have been tempted to sign a Form 8283 that exaggerates the true value of the property? What do you do if a major donor or a board member requests an amendment to a conservation easement? Does your land trust have policies in place so that when these difficult situations arise you have clear guidance on what steps to take to avoid personalizing the situation? How your land trust answers these questions may mean the difference between a sterling reputation and a scathing investigative report in the local paper. This course is designed to help you navigate through the sometimes complex ethical demands of our work.

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