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Digital Download:Evaluating & Selecting Conservation Project
by Hamilton, Jane Ellen; Moore, Jonathan W.
Year published:2007
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:248
Format:PDF Download
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Evaluating and Selecting Conservation Projects
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Has your land trust ever struggled with deciding whether or not to accept a conservation easement? Ever regretted accepting an easement? Think your project planning process could be improved but not sure where to start? After studying this course, you will know the important elements of a site visit and how to use data gathered from the site visit for baseline documentation reports or management plans. You will learn how to create customized acquisition criteria and project planning forms.

In chapter 1, you will learn how to develop project selection criteria that meet the needs and mission of your land trust. You will also learn how to apply those criteria to select projects. Chapter 2 discusses the IRS conservation purposes test and public benefit so you can confidently apply those concepts to proposed projects. In chapter 3, you will learn how to develop a site inspection form that will guide your staff and/or volunteers in collecting important data for a project. Finally, chapter 4 guides you in the steps needed to develop a project plan.

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