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Digital Download: Financial Management for Land Trusts
by Kay Sohl and Eric Rowley
Year published:2010
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:
Format:PDF Download
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Financial Management of Land Trusts
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Learn how to manage your land trust’s finances so that you are equipped to protect the land you love. In this course you will receive an overview of how to create budgets, track income and expenses using financial reports and provide adequate oversight of your organization’s finances.

The objective of this book is to assist the reader in learning the macro issues involved in sound financial management practices. It is designed to familiarize land trust staff and board members with the process of budgeting, monitoring and reporting financial activities so they can draft or review a comprehensive financial plan that is subject to the scrutiny of an independent, third party.

Chapter 1 covers Practice 6A, Annual Budget. This chapter presents information on how both small and large organizations budget to achieve their missions. Chapter 2 covers Practice 6B, Financial Records, and Practice 6C, Financial Reports and Statements. It reviews the different types of financial reports a land trust should produce to operate a transparent and ethical organization. The chapter also addresses how to set up a system that will protect an organization from fraud and mismanagement, including how to select appropriate financial software. Finally, chapter 3 covers Practice 6D, Financial Review or Audit. This chapter covers the advantages of conducting a yearly, formal audit, how to identify and engage a good auditor, and what you can expect from the audit process. The book also contains sample documents and checklists along with information on where to find additional resources.

This course is appropriate for land trust staff, board members and volunteers who are responsible for managing, overseeing or reporting the land trust’s finances, including creating budgets, financial reports and managing the audit process.

Standards & Practices, Organizational Management, Finance