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Digital Download: Building the Foundation for Fundraising
by Marc Smiley
Year published:2009
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:226
Format:PDF Download
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Take your fundraising to the next level by ensuring that your raising money in an effective and ethical manner. This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of fundraising and the ethical and legal considerations that go along with raising funds. You will learn how to track fundraising expenses and determine what percentage of your over organizational budget is spent on fundraising.

Chapter 1 looks at the reason fundraising is so important to an effective land trust. Its significance goes beyond the usual quest for more resources to include broad community ownership in the work of the land trust. This chapter also addresses the larger concept of philanthropy and how it fits with the land trust’s other revenue option of earned income.

Chapter 2 focuses on the critical laws, rules and ethics governing fundraisers. It provides important information related to the standards and practices covering fundraising.

Chapter 3 examines the challenges facing an organization engaged in fundraising and defines some of the principles that can make fundraising more enjoyable and, therefore, more successful. This chapter also identifies core strategies that can help a land trust raise dollars more successfully.

Chapter 4 addresses the issues involved in managing a fundraising program, from the roles in fundraising to the specific data management systems needed to keep the program running smoothly.

This course is designed for land trust board members, other volunteers and staff who are involved in raising money for their land conservation efforts.

Standards & Practices; Fundraising