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Digital Download: Nonprofit Law & Recordkeeping Vol 2
by Prohaska, Jane
Year published:2008
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:282
Format:PDF Download
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Nonprofit Law & Recordkeeping for Land Trusts Volume 2
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This course book will show you how to keep good organizational and transaction records. You will learn how to develop and implement policies to guide how your land trust creates, collects, retains, stores, protects, and disposes of these types of records.

The course is divided into three chapters: Chapter 1 explores why land trusts need to keep accurate and easily retrievable records — from meeting legal obligations to preparing for anticipated litigation to evaluating the success of its programs. Chapter 2 identifies the types of organizational and transactional records a land trust might need and how they might be maintained. Chapter 3 covers why a land trust needs to adopt a policy on recordkeeping and what such a policy should include.

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