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Digital Download: Strategic Conservation Planning
by Ole Amundsen, III
Year published:2011
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:312
Format:PDF Download
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Strategic Conservation Planning
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PDF Digital Download

Strategic Conservation Planning will help you visualize a future for your community and chart a course to realize that vision. Because your actions today will determine the parks, working farms, forests and scenic landscapes your children and grandchildren will enjoy, it pays to be careful in how you use your resources to ensure you save the right land. Strategic Conservation Planning provides you with the process and tools to identify, prioritize, pursue and protect the land that will most effectively and efficiently achieve your conservation mission.

The first two chapters set the background and will prepare you to begin the planning process. Chapter 1 defines strategic conservation planning and discusses its importance for land trusts. The overall steps are outlined and briefly explained. Chapter 2 describes what policies and procedures land trusts need to put in place, how to establish goals and create an outline for the process, how to identify who will be the leaders and how to determine if partners should be involved.

The next three chapters cover gathering information, setting priorities and completing and implementing the plan. Chapter 3 details the different types of information that are useful in strategic conservation planning and provides suggestions on how to gather this information. The chapter explains how to use maps, which form the foundation of a strategic conservation plan, and it concludes with a discussion of the various levels of resource threats and how to assess them.

Chapter 4 focuses on helping a land trust set its conservation priorities. This chapter covers focus areas, a critical component of a strategic conservation plan, and touches upon project selection criteria (to learn more about creating project selection criteria, see the Standards and Practices Curriculum course “Evaluating and Selecting Conservation Projects.” Chapter 5 discusses how a land trust implements a strategic conservation plan and evaluates its achievements.

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