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Jump in, the Water's Fine! Collaboration Inspiration
by Lewis, Carla Lee
Year published:2014
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:39
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Jump in, the Water’s Fine!

Collaboration Inspiration for All-Volunteer Land Trusts

Has collaboration ever crossed your mind? If so, this booklet is for you. Easy to read and filled with real-life examples of successful collaborations, this booklet covers a range of collaboration options and resources, as well as tips for starting a successful partnership. As a board member of an all-volunteer land trust your work is vitally important, so take a few minutes to check out how collaboration can increase your land trust’s conservation impact (and make your life easier in the process).

"This is terrific! Best piece I’ve seen on the topic — thorough, accessible, clear."
— Jay Espy, Executive Director, Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
"This booklet is great — the tone, the depth and variety of examples. It brings up some great concepts that I look forward to sharing with my board of directors.”
— Jessica Burton, Executive Director, Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative
“The tone and content is excellent and most informative. I hope to see this widely circulated as more of us AVLTs face up to the challenges of going it alone. I look forward to sharing it with our board as we explore collaboration during our up-coming strategic plan overhaul.”
— Abigail Brooks, President, Sakonnet Preservation Association

About the Author: Carla Lee Lewis is a writer, editor and private consultant based in northwestern New Jersey, where she is currently assisting an all-volunteer land trust to meet Land Trust Standards and Practices and to apply for accreditation.