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Digital Download: Mission, Planning, Capacity
by Hocker, Jean
Year published:2008
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:128
Format:PDF Download
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Mission, Planning and Capacity
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A land trust's mission is its compass, guiding board and staff in all of their work. Is your compass pointing in the right direction? Learn about strategic plans, evaluating your programs and determining the human resources needed to accomplish these tasks.

Chapter 1 explores Practice 1A, Mission. In this section, you will consider:

  • The elements and characteristics of a clear mission statement
  • Why having a good mission statement is important to your success
  • How your land trust can develop a mission statement or review the one it has
  • How to make your mission statement useful
Chapter 2 discusses Practice 1B, Planning and Evaluation. It reviews the benefits of clear strategic goals and how to develop goals and strategies that are right for your land trust. This section also covers the benefits of comprehensive strategic planning, ways to approach strategic planning that are productive without being onerous, and how strategic goal setting and planning relate to annual work plans. Finally, this section will show you how to use your goals and plans to evaluate your programs and progress.

Chapter 3 covers how to ensure adequate capacity (Practice 7A). This section reviews the critical importance of linking strategic goals and plans to adequate human capacity. It discusses how to determine the kinds of human resources your land trust needs, and describes potential sources of expertise. In addition, it examines when to consider hiring staff and various staffing options. Finally, there is a discussion of avoiding burnout among volunteers, staff and board members.

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