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Digital Download: Legal Defense Reserves Calculator
Year published:2016
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:4
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How can your land trust ensure it has an adequate legal defense reserve to protect your preserves and conservation easements? It is now easier than ever before to calculate your reserve number using the Legal Defense Reserves Calculator.

  • Calculate minimum reserve levels tailored for a specific situation — the Land Trust Alliance worked with independent actuaries to construct the calculator using actuarial analysis and data collected from hundreds of land trusts across the nation, building upon previous studies of basic thresholds for defense funding. The results are tailored by land trust history, holdings, age, state and size.
  • Give your supporters the information and confidence they want to donate the funds you need to save more land.
  • Help your land trust survive significant legal challenges or a series of challenges.
  • Uphold Land Trust Standards and Practices, which require land trusts to determine the long-term stewardship and enforcement expenses and to secure adequate funds to cover those costs.

View this one-pager for more information about the calculator. If you have additional questions, please contact Conservation Defense Coordinator Lorri Barrett at 202-800-2219 or