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How to Ask for Major Gifts: Maximizing Your Fundraising Team
by Robinson, Andy
Year published:2014
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:30
Format:PDF Download
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Express Learning Kit

How to Ask for Major Gifts: Maximizing Your Fundraising Team’s Impact

Presented by noted fundraiser Andy Robinson

What Will Be Discussed?

While asking people for money is the best way to raise money, it is also the hardest way to raise money. If anyone on your board has ever said “I can’t ask people for money!” then this is the Express Learning Kit is for your team. Expert fundraiser Andy Robinson provides an overview of:

  • How to identify prospects
  • How to ask those prospects for money
  • What you need to do to following a successful ask

Along with the webinar recording, there are seven exercises that will get you started on identifying your land trust’s prospects, preparing a persuasive pitch to potential donors and then practicing making that pitch. Also included is a sample donor tracking form that you can customize to your land trust’s needs.

What's Included?

  • Three 20-minute webinar recordings
  • Facilitator’s guide
  • Seven exercises will lead your fundraising team in learning how to prepare for an ask, make a successful ask, and how to follow-up after an ask
  • List of additional resources

About Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson has over 34 years of experience working with a variety of nonprofits as a fundraiser, facilitator, trainer and community organizer. Andy is the author of a number of books including Grassroots Grants and Selling Social Change, How to Raise $500 to $5000 From Almost Anyone, Great Boards for Small Groups, The Board Member’s Easier Than You Think Guide to Nonprofit Finances (with Nancy Wasserman) and Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money (with Andrea Kihlstedt) from which these exercises are taken.

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