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Conservation Options: A Landowner's Guide
by Land Trust Alliance
Year published:2018
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
Number of pages:66
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Printed in full color, this publication is a perennial favorite of land trusts who share it with landowners. Filled with helpful information on available conservation strategies, tax law and land trusts, this book is written in a way to be accessible to all types of landowners.


  • Chapter 1 Why You Need to Make Plans for Your Land Now
  • Chapter 2 Getting Started
  • Chapter 3 Conservation Easements
  • Chapter 4 Leases, Management Agreements and Mutual Covenants
  • Chapter 5 Donating Land
  • Chapter 6 Selling Land
  • Chapter 7 Combining Preservation Tools
  • Chapter 8 Federal Tax Considerations: A Summary
  • Chapter 9 Working with Land Trusts

Landowner Resources, General Interest