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Webinar: Planning for Carbon, Part 2
by Jennifer Melville, Kelly Watkinson, Abigail Weinberg
Year published:2021
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Planning for Carbon, Part 2

79 minutes
Recorded 4/27/2021
Instructors: Jennifer Melville, Kelly Watkinson, Abigail Weinberg

Maximize the carbon impact of your land protection work! Learn how land protection plays a critical role in reducing climate change impacts. Second in a two-part series.

Forest protection is one of the best ways to avoid emissions, remove carbon and lessen the impacts of climate change on plant, animal and human communities. U.S. forests sequester nearly 15 percent of national carbon emissions annually. With only 20 percent of forests under some form of protection, we can’t take the carbon in our forests for granted. Protecting forests that store large amounts of carbon and ensuring carbon sequestration continues or accelerates is a critical role that land trusts can play in the effort to keep climate change below dangerous thresholds, often while providing other critical co-benefits.

In this second part of a two-part series, the Open Space Institute (OSI) and Land Trust Alliance will lay out principles for maximizing the carbon impact of land protection, including use of conservation planning, easement terms and management. The webinar will provide a deep dive into carbon mapping for land protection and provide opportunities to engage with peers to discuss best practices for optimizing carbon through easement protections and management. The presentation expands on guidance laid out in a recently released report developed by OSI in partnership with the Alliance, The Nature Conservancy and American Forests. 

Here’s a look at what we will cover:

  • How to utilize online tools to evaluate land protection projects for contribution to carbon storage and sequestration
  • How to develop easements that permanently protect the forest carbon
  • Understand the intersection of carbon market sales with easement protections
  • Identify management approaches that support future sequestration

Missed Part 1? You can participate in part 2 even if you didn’t attend the first webinar, which provided an overview of the role of land protection in carbon mitigation and reviewed a broader set of data options and tools. You can purchase part one here.

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