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Webinar: Communicating Climate Change to Your Board & Beyond
by Kelly Watkinson, Judy Anderson, Ted Haffner, Carol Abrahamzon
Year published:2020
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Communicating Climate Change to Your Board and Beyond

90 minutes

Recorded 4/22/1930

Instructors: Kelly Watkinson, Judy Anderson, Ted Haffner, Carol Abrahamzon

We all know climate change is a big issue for strategic land conservation, our pledge of land protection in perpetuity, and our communities. But how do you talk about that now, given the Covid-19 situation? And, how do you convey the threat climate change poses and possible solutions when they aren’t always apparent to everyone?

That can mean developing a strategy with your organization about changing circumstances as well as what you can do if your board, or staff, fails to see the need to address climate change, or even worse, denies it is happening? Join communication and climate experts Judy Anderson and Kelly Watkinson, along with two land trusts who are walking the walk, Openlands and Mississippi Valley Conservancy, as they discuss getting their organization’s on board with climate change.

Through this webinar we will look at how you can build consensus and a strategy for action around climate change as well as communicate climate work in a way that increases community trust. Key elements will include:

  1. Learn how other land trusts are building organizational consensus and messaging around climate change.
  2. Come away with techniques for talking about climate to change to your board, staff and other stakeholders
  3. Quick tips on how to enhance your communications without adding a lot of work to your plate.

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