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Webinar: Conserved Lands as Natural Climate Solutions
by Joe Fargione, Josh Parrish
Year published:2018
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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A Bigger Role: How Conserved Lands Can Serve as Natural Climate Solutions

89 minutes
Recorded 9/6/2018
Instructors: Joe Fargione, Josh Parrish

Climate change is a global problem; however, its impacts are felt most intensely at the local level.  Despite the range of challenges, there is much your land trust can do to be part of the solution. Land conservation and stewardship offers a critical path forward. Natural climate solutions (NCS) are proven ways of reducing carbon emissions and storing current emissions in our forests, grasslands, and wetlands.  If done right, NCS also offer multiple benefits to biodiversity, as well as vital ecosystem services such as improved water and air quality and flood protection. Learn more about nature’s untapped ability to address climate change right now.  

In this webinar Joe Fargione the North American Region Science Director of The Nature Conservancy will share his research on the potential of NCS across the United States, and Josh Parrish the Director of The Nature Conservancy’s Working Woodlands Program will share his experience working with land trusts and private landowners to improve timber management while generating revenue from the growing carbon market.

How will this webinar benefit you?

  • Learn about the latest findings on the potential of nature to absorb atmospheric carbon and how land conservation and stewardship is part of the climate change solution.
  • Identify current opportunities and barriers for land trust and private landowners to participate in voluntary forest carbon markets.
  • Understand how forest carbon projects translate into climate smart forestry practices on the ground.

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