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Webinar: Coastal Resilience in a Changing Climate
by Brian Ambrette, Lauren Long
Year published:2018
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Coastal Resilience in a Changing Climate

90 minutes
Recorded 8/30/2018
Instructors: Brian Ambrette, Lauren Long

Is your land trust prepared for sea-level rise that could be 1-4 feet higher than it is now? If you’re not sure where to start, join Lauren Long, Coastal Conservation Specialist for NOAA, and Brian Ambrette, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, as they present various approaches land trusts can take to enhance coastal resilience by incorporating natural solutions into community planning. A suite of NOAA resources on landscape conservation, natural stormwater management and shoreline protection will be presented to help land trusts visualize, prepare for, and take action on coastal hazards and climate change impacts. Participants will also hear how the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is assisting local governments in Maryland with enhancing coastal resilience through existing planning efforts.

How will you benefit from this webinar? Participants will learn about:

  • An online tool to visualize and consider coastal hazard and climate impacts in your coastal geography.
  • Strategies for landscape conservation, natural stormwater management, and shoreline protection can reduce coastal hazards and climate impacts and gain access to helpful resources.
  • Mapping and preserving open space in the floodplain as a conservation strategy to reduce flooding and earn your community credit in FEMA’s Community Rating System.
  • A model for assisting local governments in enhancing coastal resilience through existing planning efforts like comprehensive planning, hazard mitigation planning, and floodplain management.

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