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Webinar: Effective Financial Oversight
by Kay Sohl
Year published:2020
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Effective Financial Oversight

94 minutes

Recorded 6/10/2020

Instructor: Kay Sohl

Learn how boards and executive directors can up their effectiveness and reduce their frustration in providing financial oversight for their land trusts. Check to be sure your land trust has established effective financial systems and is producing the information that is essential for sound oversight. Join financial management expert Kay Sohl as she lays out how to spot red-flags and identify opportunities for growth and increased sustainability. Join us for a step-by-step discussion of the tools needed for effective oversight.

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Understand board and executive director oversight roles
  • Identify must-have financial information
  • Ensure compliance with donor restrictions
  • Get the most out of your independent audit
  • Leave with a list of questions to ask and strategies to evaluate the answers you receive

Access to this recording will expire on December 31, 2021, and is subject to availability of the AdobeConnect service.