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Webinar: Geospatial Technologies for 30 by 30
by Breece Robertson, Jeff Allenby
Year published:2021
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Full Title: Geospatial Technologies for Prioritization, Monitoring and Engagement Towards 30 by 30

86 minutes
Recorded 6/17/2021
Instructors: Breece Robertson, Jeff Allenby

Geospatial data, tools and technologies are evolving quickly and are becoming more accessible for land trusts and organizations. In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of the current state of geospatial data and technologies, how you can access them and where the field is going. No matter where your organization is in terms of capacity, funding or technical sophistication, you can tap into the power of data, science and technology to support your mission. There are many free online applications that can help your land trust prioritize efforts to inform strategic decisions. Products derived from sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly available to land trusts. We’ll provide specific use cases that feature different technology applications on topics like climate resilience, equity and monitoring.

  • How can you access geospatial data and tools to prioritize where to work and to monitor easements?
  • How to access free or low-cost geospatial data and tools.
  • What is artificial intelligence and machine learning and how can they help your workflows to save time and money?

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