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Webinar: Avoided Grassland Conversion Carbon Offset Pilot
by Erin Heskett, Kristen Kleiman, Julius Pasay, Sheldon Zakreski, Kelly Watkinson
Year published:2020
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Avoided Grassland Conversion Carbon Offset Pilot Program Information Session

73 minutes

Recorded 10/27/2020

Instructors: Erin Heskett, Kristen Kleiman, Julius Pasay, Sheldon Zakreski, Kelly Watkinson

As the human and financial cost of climate change continues to rise, governments are setting ambitious targets to stem greenhouse gas emissions. It has become clear that these climate targets cannot be met without the protection, restoration and sustainable use of nature and biodiversity.

Grasslands store high levels of carbon in their soils, but a significant fraction is being lost through conversion to cropland or overgrazing. Avoiding the conversion of grassland to cropland can help reduce carbon emissions. Carbon markets can help finance the protection of grasslands and soil carbon, creating a new source of revenue for landowners engaged in sustainable management and conservation of natural and working lands. For land trusts, the carbon markets can help raise revenue to pay for land acquisition, conservation easements and stewardship.

To help land trusts better access these opportunities, the Land Trust Alliance, in partnership with The Climate Trust, is excited to launch a new carbon offset pilot program. The purpose of this pilot is to facilitate the permanent protection of grasslands by providing a scalable easement funding model based on anticipated future carbon revenues. The program will also demonstrate how eligible land trusts with grassland carbon project opportunities that are too small on their own can combine their efforts with other land trusts to develop economically feasible projects through the voluntary carbon offset market. 

Session participants will:

  • Learn how the pilot works.
  • Gain a better understanding of eligibility requirements for participation.
  • Be introduced to the tools and resources available to land trusts through the pilot.
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions of experts in the field.

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