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Webinar: Inclusive Programs for People with Disabilities
by Chrissy Beardsley Allen, Bonnie Lewkowicz
Year published:2020
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Full Title: Creating Inclusive Programs for People with Disabilities

75 minutes

Recorded 11/12/2020

Instructors: Chrissy Beardsley Allen, Bonnie Lewkowicz

Is your land trust doing all that it can to provide programs that are inclusive of people with disabilities? In the last Census, more than 54 million American indicated that they have a disability, but that number is likely much higher as it doesn’t necessarily include our aging population who might not identify as having a disability and yet might also need an access accommodation. These numbers represent a large number of people that land trusts can’t ignore, so it’s important that land trusts ensure their programs are serving this untapped and growing constituency.

We all know the important benefits of spending time in nature. These same benefits hold true for people with disabilities, but they have far fewer opportunities to experience them. Land trusts have an opportunity to broaden their reach to people with disabilities and be part of the Nature For All movement we see happening all around us. But where to start? Join inclusive outdoor recreation influencer, Bonnie Lewkowicz  (Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program) and Chrissy Beardsley Allen (Blue Hill Heritage Trust) as they discuss what land trusts need to know when starting or expanding programs for their community members with disabilities.

Here’s a look at what will be covered:

  • Basic principles of designing inclusive programs for land trusts
  • Understanding the diverse needs of people with disabilities
  • Accessible vs. Inclusive programming
  • Inclusive marketing of your programs/trails that serves the disability community
  • Case Study from a mid-sized land trust’s volunteer program with people with disabilities

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