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Webinar: Building Strong Relationships with Landowners
by Mary Walsh, Jason Bulay, Lorri Barrett
Year published:2019
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Building Strong Relationships with Landowners

91 minutes
Recorded 3/5/2019
Instructors: Mary Walsh, Jason Bulay, Lorri Barrett
Level: Everyone

We all know that the good landowner relationships are key to preventing violations, but what can land trusts do proactively to prevent violations and subsequent litigation? What are the risks land trusts should be aware of and how can they be addressed? Join Mary Walsh of Westchester Land Trust and Jason Bulay of Blue Mountain Land Trust as they discuss how to get ahead of violations and what to do if you should find yourself facing one. Lorri Barrett, Land Trust Alliance Conservation Defense Specialist, will also be on hand to discuss what we have learned from six years of Terrafirma claims.

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Learn how to prioritize resources to prevent violations
  • Identify and address potential blindspots when dealing with landowners
  • Implement proven strategies for working with attorneys to de-escalate conflicts

Access to this recording will expire on December 31, 2020, and is subject to availability of the AdobeConnect service.