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Webinar: Balancing Land Use and Conservation on LT Lands
by Judy Anderson
Year published:2021
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Balancing Land Use and Conservation on Land Trust Lands

84 minutes
Recorded 6/2/2021
Instructor: Judy Anderson

Deciding how to balance community goals and ecological priorities for land conservation can be complicated and fraught. Nor is it “one and done” – with a plan written in stone for all time. Rather, the land’s and the community’s needs can evolve, especially given climate change and societal pressures, as we have seen with COID. So how can you create a flexible strategy that allows for change over time? What can you do as a land trust to anticipate and address different desired uses and possible conflicts with areas of ecological or cultural sensitivity?

Join conservation and community conservation expert Judy Anderson as she lays out strategies that will help your organization build trust with different sectors of its community and balance land protection goals for a specific property. Drawing upon theories from environmental psychology and practical land trust examples, this webinar is a must-see for land trusts balancing competing interests.

Here’s a look at what we will cover:

  • Understand your community’s needs and goals without extensive polling
  • How to develop current and long-range goals are for a given property and communicate those goals effectively with your stakeholders and broader community
  • Assess what makes a property welcoming an inclusive in your region
  • Understand when it’s time to rethink original goals for a property and make changes
  • Create a plan for the property that factors in ecological and cultural goals as well as your desired community relationship

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