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Webinar: Strategies for Partnering with Latinx Organizations
by Dez Ramirez, Carlos Zegarra
Year published:2020
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Strategies for Partnering with Latinx Organizations

82 minutes

Recorded 6/17/2020

Instructor: Dez Ramirez, Carlos Zegarra

As our nation’s demographics change rapidly, we too in conservation must learn to grow and change with it. Engaging the Latinx population - and all racially diverse communities - in conservation is a necessity as land trusts looks to the next generation to engage with conservation work on a deeper level. Co-creating diverse spaces that value individual differences and similarities is directly linked to our ability to foster and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in all of our environments. Join conservation experts Carlos Zegarra, executive director of Sachamama, and Dez Ramirez, community engagement manager at Columbia Land Trust, as they discuss how transform your work so it authentically engages the Latinx community and builds long-lasting conservation.

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Understand cultural differences and processes in order to build authentic and inclusive engagement strategies
  • Reflect on daily behaviors, patterns and mental models to create a land trust culture of equity and inclusion
  • Explore why conservation work that deeply engages the Latinx community is inherently intersectional and how that will strengthen your conservation work on an individual and team level

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