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Webinar: Up, Down and Sideways: How to Be a Great Leader
by Rich Walsh
Year published:2019
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Up, Down and Sideways: How to Be a Great Leader

85 minutes
Recorded 3/7/2019
Instructor: Rich Walsh
Level: Everyone

At Land Trust Alliance, we believe everyone is a leader no matter their position. Leadership is a social process, enabling us to work together as a cohesive group to produce strong results. When leadership in a group is most effective, it generates three crucial outcomes: direction, alignment, and commitment (DAC). Join Richard Walsh, senior faculty member of the Center for Creative Leadership, as he discuss CCL’s 3-step process to identify strategies to build strong leadership in groups.

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Assess your own or your team’s current levels of direction, alignment and commitment
  • Examine potential inhibitors to your own or team’s performance
  • Identify strategies to overcome those inhibitors to performance
  • Improve overall results for yourself, your team members or team overall

Richard Walsh serves as senior faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, a nonprofit global provider of leadership training.  Richard brings over 25 years of experience of leadership development, including working in industry, education, not-for-profit and consulting.  He is passionate about helping individuals, groups and organizations bring their leadership to a whole new level.

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