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Webinar: Preventing Sexual Harassment in Your Land Trust
by Lisa Brown Alexander, Dan Cline
Year published:2018
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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#MeToo! Preventing Sexual Harassment in Your Land Trust

100 minutes
Recorded 8/28/2018
Instructors: Lisa Brown Alexander, Dan Cline

Do your employees, volunteers and board members understand what behaviors are considered improper in the workplace? Unfortunately, many do not, and the vast majority of harassment complaints arise from this ignorance. Therefore, it is important to provide your team with sexual harassment awareness training so they can avoid actions that harm others and the organization. Laws prohibiting sexual harassment have been on the books for decades, yet recent events have brought a new focus on this problem. Land trusts and other nonprofits are not immune to this problem, so it’s critically important that you take steps to create a safe workplace for all of your employees and volunteers.

Join attorney Dan Cline and Lisa Brown Alexander of Nonprofit HR as they introduce participants to the fundamentals of sexual harassment law and policies and procedures designed to prevent sexual harassment. They will also discuss what to do if, despite your best efforts, harassment takes place.

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Understand what constitutes sexual harassment according to federal and state law
  • Obtain strategies for creating a workplace culture resistant to sexual harassment
  • Understand how to investigate and respond to complaints in a manner that is fair to all involved

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