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Webinar: Integrating Workplans, Fundraising & Communications
by Mary J. Foley
Year published:2018
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Get It Together: Integrating Annual Work, Fundraising and Communication Plans

72 minutes
Recorded 8/7/2018
Instructor: Mary J. Foley

There’s a calendar for stewardship, a schedule for programs, a plan for communication, a roster for fundraising activities and a timetable for land protection…we have become experts at juggling a wide variety of activities, often with limited staff and volunteers. And while we are to be commended for keeping all these spinning plates in the air, might there be a better way? Could we coordinate our efforts to maximize impact and further advance our mission? We think so! Please join us as we discuss how to integrate your external relations activity with the primary work of the land trust in order to maximize interest, involvement and investment.

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Examine your mission and vision to see how effectively they drive overall activity;
  • Identify optimal timing for appeals and communication so that they reflect land trust ideals and accomplishments in a way that inspires response;
  • Determine when to adjust work plans and programs to better promote awareness and giving AND when to adjust fundraising and outreach to better support the work plans;
  • Find options that can reduce the crazy, busy times…or see how to manage them more easily; and
  • Create a plan that supports all your endeavors, avoids conflicts, effectively deploys resources and ensures that you are always moving to the next level of excellence

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