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Webinar: Private Benefit and Land Trust Work
by Jonathan Blum, Melinda Ching, Kristalyn Loson
Year published:2021
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Full Title: Private Benefit and Land Trust Work: Transactions, Amendments and Other Activities

106 minutes

Recorded 1/26/2021

Instructors: Jonathan Blum, Melinda Ching, Kristalyn Loson

Have the words “private benefit” come up when preparing for a transaction, finalizing an amendment or approving a new use on an easement or fee property? If so, you know that those words can be some of the most scary in the English language. Join conservation attorneys Jonathan Blum, Polsinelli PC, Melinda Ching, TNC, and Kristalyn Loson, TNC, as they demystify the concepts of private benefit, private inurement, self-dealing, Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), and commerciality.  Appropriate for land trust board and staff, this webinar will introduce the legal topics and then work through hypotheticals covering scenarios commonly faced by land trusts. 

Here’s a look at what we will cover:

  • How to identify situations in which there is risk of private inurement and private benefit
  • Strategies to avoid or mitigate legal risk when encountering potential private inurement/benefit issues, including when approving commercial activities on land trust land, donor activities, approving an amendment or in the rare case of paying more than fair market value for land or easement
  • How to document appropriate steps in managing private inurement/benefit to meet accreditation standards
  • Practice strategies learned with real-life scenarios land trusts frequently face

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