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Webinar: When and How to Rebrand Your Land Trust
by Oliver Bass, Mark Minelli, Dave Perry
Year published:2018
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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What’s In a Name? When and How to Rebrand Your Land Trust

101 minutes
Recorded 6/7/2018
Instructors: Oliver Bass, Mark Minelli, Dave Perry

We all know ‘brand’ is something that companies develop and invest in to connect with customers. We might think of Apple or Nike or Starbucks…and we might wonder if and how “brand” is important to a land trust? In this webinar, we discuss the power of brand and how a strong brand helps clarify perception, expand reach and attract more supporters and resources. We also share when it makes sense to rebrand, who needs to be involved and how to do it without breaking the bank. Join brand strategy expert Mark Minelli has he discusses what land trusts need to know about brand and learn practical tips from land trusts that have completed rebranding initiatives.

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Learn when it makes sense to rebrand
  • Understand what’s involved in rebranding and how to manage the process to achieve your goals
  • Obtain strategies on how to engage your community in the process and successfully launch a new brand

Please note due to a technical glitch, the slides in the first 7-8 minutes don't track with the audio. We recommend that you download the PDF of the slides (lower right-hand corner) and review them with the audio until the problem is resolved.

Access to this recording will expire on December 31, 2019, and is subject to availability of the AdobeConnect service.