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Webinar: Recordkeeping in the Digital Age
by Land Trust Alliance
Year published:2017
Publisher:Steve Longenecker, Connie Manes
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Recordkeeping in the Digital Age

98 minutes
Recorded 9/21/2017
Instructors: Steve Longenecker, Connie Manes
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Clouds, discovery, hard drives oh my! Are you considering going digital with your records but not sure of the legal issues, much less the technical choices you need to make? In this webinar, you will hear from attorney Connie Manes who will discuss the issues you need to address when saying goodbye to paper and hello to digital records. Topics covered include: background of recordkeeping principles, what records should be kept or tossed, recordkeeping policies and procedures, and how to organize and track the transition. We will also discuss what the revised Land Trust Standards and Practices have to say about recordkeeping and how technology can support your recordkeeping. Steve Longenecker, Director of Infrastructure Consulting at CommunityIT Innovators, will provide tips for choosing the right IT strategy for your land trust, with special emphasis on cloud solutions and IT security.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash