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Webinar: Reverse the Trend - Managing Land for Shorebirds
by Monica Iglecia, Brad Winn
Year published:2020
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Reverse the Trend: Managing Land for Shorebird Success

95 minutes

Recorded 2/6/2020

Instructors: Monica Iglecia, Brad Winn

Compllmentary for all Alliance members and affiliates as part of Member Celebration Week 2020

There are 3,000,000,000 fewer birds today than 40 years ago. While that number is shocking, not all hope is lost. Land trusts are particularly well-positioned to help reverse bird population declines. One group of birds that responds well to improved habitat conditions, where land trusts can play a significant role in reversing downward population trends, is shorebirds.  There are more than fifty species of shorebirds in North America, and many of them need immediate conservation actions to stabilize population declines.

Join us for this special, complimentary webinar with Monica Iglecia and Brad Winn of Manomet as they provide an overview of the ecology of shorebird species, discuss the major threats and share some simple strategies land trusts and their landowner partners can take to improve habitats to ensure shorebirds thrive.

How will this webinar benefit you?

  • Understand why shorebirds are imperiled and what can be done to reverse the trend
  • Implement new management actions to support imperiled birds and improve the biodiversity on land trust lands
  • Provide an important service to your landowners by sharing land management strategies that help birds

Because shorebirds rely on a variety of temperate habitats, including coastal and inland wetlands, grasslands, beaches, lake edges, and working lands, this webinar is appropriate for land trusts across the country.

Access to this recording will expire on December 31, 2021, and is subject to availability of the AdobeConnect service.