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Webinar: Using Technology for Smart Monitoring
by Zak Brohinsky, Joan Turley
Year published:2017
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Planes … Drones … Satellites: Using Technology for Smart Monitoring

88 minutes
Recorded 2/9/2017
Instructor: Zak Brohinsky, Joan Turley
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Aerial photography, satellite imagery and collecting data with drones can be important additions to a land trust’s monitoring toolbox. But where to start? And how do you incorporate these new tools without breaking the bank?

Join technology and stewardship specialists Joan Turley and Zak Brohinsky how to get started using remote sensing (satellite or aircraft-based data) and drones in their stewardship programs, including:

  • How aerial photography differs from satellite imagery and when to use each
  • Strategies for collecting aerial imagery using drones
  • Factors to consider before integrating these technologies (examples)
  • Financial
  • Personnel
  • Software
  • Landscape (east/west • size, land cover)
  • Key components of an aerial technology policy

Access to this recording will expire on June 30, 2018, and is subject to availability of the AdobeConnect service.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash