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Webinar: Easement Stewardship Conundrums
by Megan Knott, Dave Rimmer
Year published:2018
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Easement Stewardship Conundrums: Weddings, Solar Panels, Insufficient Baselines and More

92 minutes
Recorded 4/12/2018
Instructors: Megan Knott, Dave Rimmer

Is your land trust dealing with difficult conservation easement stewardship issues? Are you having a difficult time interpreting easement language, especially in older documents? Well, you are certainly not alone! Across the country, land trusts are facing a wide range of easement-related issues, from simple to complex, and resolving them often requires a very deliberate, thoughtful and sometimes creative process of working with the landowner for a mutually beneficial outcome. Join stewardship directors Megan Knott (CO) and Dave Rimmer (MA) as they discuss a range of challenging stewardship issues and approaches to resolutions.

How will you benefit from this webinar?

  • Explore strategies for positively resolving such easement issues as:
    • Minor violations including dumping, storage, impactful vehicle use
    • Easement encroachment or third-party trespass
    • Requests for uses, commercial or otherwise, like weddings or recreational activities, that are not clearly addressed in the easement
    • Requests to introduce alternative energy generation or utility corridors, that are not clearly addressed in the easement
    • Requests to produce controversial crops like marijuana or hemp
    • Requests to clean up or restore damage from natural disasters
  • Get tips for updating insufficient baselines
  • Share your own stewardship conundrums and creative resolution strategies

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