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Webinar: Reducing Risk through Stewardship Documentation
by Connie Manes
Year published:2020
Publisher:Land Trust Alliance
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Full Title: File under “Best Practices”: Reducing Risk and Ensuring Informed Decision-making through Complete Stewardship Documentation

94 minutes

Recorded 2/20/2020

Instructor: Connie Manes

Creating and managing records and files is central to land trust work. Land trusts need accurate and easily retrievable records to meet legal and contractual obligations, track and evaluate activities and be prepared to defend their property interests through enforcement and litigation. A well-designed and well-implemented system of records management is essential -- so are procedures that clarify when and how stewardship-related events should be documented.

Join attorney and consultant Connie Manes, Kent Land Trust, as she lays out what Land Trust Standards and Practices says about documenting the ongoing condition of conserved lands and the new accreditation requirements.

How will I benefit from this webinar?

  • Learn when it is appropriate to document changes to land under conservation easement, and the options for doing so
  • Understand how to implement best practices in documenting annual monitoring visits
  • Identify the types of stewardship documentation that should be kept, and how to maintain them for the organization and for evidentiary purposes, including:
    • Baseline documentation reports and land management plans
    • Important correspondence, photos and non-textual information
    • Monitoring reports
    • Documentation of suspected violations, investigations and resolutions
    • Notices, requests and approvals to exercise permitted rights

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